Brexit: Nicola Sturgeon to release blueprint of Scotland's options

Brexit: Nicola Sturgeon to release blueprint of Scotland's options

Nicola Sturgeon

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Nicola Sturgeon is set to publish a blueprint on Scotland's options regarding Brexit before the year is out.

In an address to the Irish parliament, Scotland's First Minister said the document will detail the ways in which Scotland's declared wish to stay in the EU can be fulfilled.

Scotland voted resoundingly to remain within the European Union in June's referendum, but will be forced to leave along with the rest of the UK as things stand.

Mrs. Sturgeon was in Dublin for a two-day visit to the Irish capital, aimed at strengthing the relationship between the two countries by forging strong ties with political and business leaders. 

During a historic address to the Seanad, the upper political chamber in Ireland, she said the blueprint "will focus on options for Scotland within the UK."

She told senators: "Of course, there is the option of Scotland considering again the question of becoming an independent country.

"If the path that the UK takes turns out to be damaging to Scotand - to our economic, social, cultural and interactional interests - then the people of Scotland must have the right to choose a different future.

"We understand - acutely understand - none of what lies ahead is easy, but nothing about Brexit is going to be easy.

"Therefore, that option [independence] remains firmly on the table."