Brexit Party chair Richard Tice set to sue Femi Oluwole

Femi Oluwole said Leave.EU is 'anti-Jewish'

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The chairman of the Brexit Party is threatening to sue remain activist Femi Oluwole, after he accused the businessman of co-founding “an overtly anti-Jewish organisation”.

Richard Tice has reportedly initiated legal proceedings against the 29-year-old, who alleged that Leave.EU - which Mr Tice founded - was antisemitic.

Responding to a Leave.EU tweet depicting Holocaust survivor George Soros pulling the puppet strings of Tony Blair, Mr Oluwole wrote: "How have we allowed the Brexit Party to be seen as a tolerant party when its chairman, Richard Tice, founded an overtly anti-Jewish organisation?”.

The imagery of Jewish people manipulating the world and its leaders is a long-held antisemitic trope.

Lawyers for Mr Tice ordered the activist to delete the tweet by Saturday evening and issue an apology, but Mr Oluwole refused and could now face libel action.

Mr Oluwole said he never accused Mr Tice of being personally antisemitic, and called the legal action an attempt to “bully” him into silence.

He said he was pointing out Mr Tice’s role in setting up an organisation that is “now tweeting racist things”.

“Richard Tice is mobilising an army of lawyers to bankrupt a 29-year-old who’s dedicated everything in his life to protecting his country and his generation from a no-deal Brexit,” Mr Oluwole said.

Mr Tice and the Brexit Party are yet to comment on the proceedings.

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