Brexit Party chairman: ‘All our nomination papers are in’

Mr Tice said the party will field in Labour seats

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Richard Tice has told talkRADIO that the Brexit Party has submitted all of its candidate nominations, despite leader Nigel Farage facing pressure to stand down those running in Labour marginal seats.

Mr Farage, who has already withdrawn candidates from Tory-held seats, has said he will field candidates in every Labour-held seat - a move that could hamper the chances of a Conservative majority.

Boris Johnson has not asked Mr Farage to withdraw his candidates from Tory-Labour marginal seats but allegedly offered an electoral pact that would see the Brexit Party targeting just 40 key seats.

A Conservative source denied the claims made by the Daily Telegraph, saying: “We don't do electoral pacts as we have been very clear on.”

However, Mr Tice confirmed the reports to talkRADIO, as well as confirming Mr Farage had turned down the offer.

When asked if the claims were correct by Julia Hartley-Brewer, the party chairman said "yes that is correct".

“All our nomination papers are in for the seats across the country that are not held by Conservative MPs from the 2017 election.”

Mr Farage said the decision to pull 317 candidates from the Conservative strongholds “put country before party” in order to give leave voters a clear choice.

Mr Tice denied reports of party in-fighting over the move.

“There’s absolutely no in-fighting or disagreement amongst the leadership whatsoever.

“Of course if you’ve got a large party, 600 candidates ready and willing to fight, a few people are going to have a few different views but the absolute vast majority completely support our decision.”

Candidates who want to stand as MPs need to hand in nomination papers by 4pm today.

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