Brexit Party MEP: 'EU not prepared for Brexit'

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Alexandra Phillips said the European Parliament is unprepared for Britain’s imminent departure, despite the president of the EU Council setting a 12-day deadline for Boris Johnson to reveal his Brexit plans.

The Brexit Party MEP told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham the mood in Brussels had changed since Britain was first expected to leave in March.

“I was in the European Parliament working there when we were supposed to leave on March 29, eons ago, and there was a real palpable sense that we were going, they’d started packing up our offices in boxes by this point,” she said.

“I don’t get any of that feeling on the ground over here so I don’t think people over here think it’s going to happen.”

Mr Johnson has been put under further pressure by Finnish prime minister Antti Rinne, who called on the British leader to reveal his Brexit proposals in writing by the end of the month, or else “it’s over”.

Mr Rinne currently holds the EU Council’s rotating presidency, and set the deadline after a meeting with French president Emmanuel Macron.

Ms Phillips said she does not believe the latest ultimatum is “binding at all”.

“They won’t get their own way. If you remember Angela Merkel said to Boris Johnson a month ago you’ve got 30 days to come up with your plan for the Irish backstop,” she said.

“Well he hasn’t done it and that runs out in three days’ time.”

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