Brexit Party MEP: New Brexit deal ‘next to impossible’

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The incoming Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney said his colleagues in the European Parliament believe it is “next to impossible” the next Prime Minister can renegotiate a Brexit deal before October 31.

He is one of 29 Brexit Party MEPs who will be sworn into the European Parliament in the French city of Strasbourg today.

He told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer leadership frontrunner Boris Johnson is saying “what it takes to get the votes”.

“People just don’t believe it but they’re going to vote for him anyway because otherwise it’s death row for the Tory party. They’re going to be wiped out,” he said.

“What he’ll do next is blame the EU. I mean how can this guy do a deal in three weeks that hasn’t been done by everybody else in three years. Is his name Johnson or Houdini?”

Mr Daubney said if the former Foreign Secretary fails to keep his promises it will be “manna from heaven for the Brexit Party”.

“Theresa May said we’d leave 108 times, let’s keep tally of how many times Johnson says we’re going to leave on the 31st of October, and when he doesn’t get that it’ll be another failure,” he said.

“As for getting [Jeremy] Hunt in, why would we have another remainer again, trying to negotiate out of this mess?”

Conservative MP David Davies told talkRADIO he agreed that if the next Tory leader fails to leave by the October 31 deadline the party is “finished”.

However he said if the deadline is met the Brexit Party is “finished because they’ve really only got one policy”.

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