Brexit Party ‘would not exist’ without Theresa May

The Brexit Party was only formed in January

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney said Theresa May will go down in history as Britain’s worst Prime Minister if she is measured by her “inability to enact the will of the people”.

He told talkRADIO’s Dan Wootton the Prime Minister’s final major speech in which she condemned the rise of populism and political division “absolutely misses the point”.

“All of this was created by her. If she’d actually enacted Brexit, the will of 17.4 million people, we wouldn’t be in Strasbourg right now. The Brexit Party would not exist,” he said.

“These things do not come out of a vacuum, this situation has been directly caused by her complete ineptitude.”

He added: “She was a Remainer pretending to be a Brexiteer, she never truly believed in leaving the European Union.”

Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney is currently in Strasbourg.

Mr Daubney said he is happy to lose his job as an MEP should Britain leave the EU, but he doubts leadership frontrunner Boris Johnson can deliver on his “do or die” October 31 deadline.

“In Strasbourg and in Brussels people do not believe that we will be leaving on that date,” he said.

“I think Boris is saying what is required to get votes, to get him over the line, to save the Conservative Party from total oblivion.”

The West Midlands MEP said the party is preparing for a general election in October, marking its biggest national electoral test.

Both Mr Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have ruled out calling an election or second referendum before the Brexit deadline.

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