Brexit Party's David Bull: ‘There’s no leadership in this country’

Dr David Bull is one of 29 Brexit Party candidates elected to the European Parliament

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Brexit Party remains “open to talking about a deal” but negotiators must keep no deal on the table, according to newly-elected MEP Dr David Bull.

“I’ve done tons of business deals. You don’t give away your best card", he told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham.

Mr Bull expressed anger at Remainers who claimed victory in the elections because they believe more more people voted for parties that wish to Remain.

“They think the way that they can justify their dismal behaviour is by adding all the votes together and somehow that is better than ours,” he said.

“That simply isn’t the case.”

The Brexit Party won 29 seats, while the Liberal Democrats secured 16 seats, followed by Labour (10 seats) and the Green Party (7 seats). The Tories lost 15 seats and were left with only 4 MEPs.

The former television presenter said the results mean the government cannot argue the country is undecided about Brexit.

“What this shows is the palpable sense of anger across the country," he said.

"You asked us a question in 2016, we gave you a very straightforward answer and you’re not listening.”

The incoming MEP expects The Brexit Party to be a viable force at the next general election is held.

He said: “This is about re-engaging with people on the ground saying we’re starting with a clean slate we’re not going to do it in the same way that other political parties are doing it.”

Dr Bull was one of 29 victorious Brexit Party candidates across the UK, and one of three from the party to be elected in the north west of England.

“It was absolutely an extraordinary night, in fact I’m just looking at the map now and the map has gone completely turquoise,” he said.

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