Brexit pressure group cancels High Court protest over racist hijack fears

Brexit High Court Ruling: Leave.EU cancels Supreme Court protest after fears extremists groups could take it over

The Supreme Court

Monday, November 28, 2016

A leading pro-Brexit group has cancelled a planned protest outside the Supreme Court over fears it could be 'hijacked' by extremist groups. 

Last month, Gina Miller and a number of other anti-Brexit activists brought a challenge to the High Court, which subsequently ruled that Theresa May could not trigger Article 50 without Parliament's consent. 

The protest by Leave.EU would have taken place outside the court during the Government's appeal against the ruling, with organisers hoping to attract up to 100,000 people.

But now the group has issued a statement to call off the protest because it has been "inundated" by messages from supporters of extremist groups intending to attend or offer assistance, which have given rise to fears that they may hijack the demonstration.

A spokesman said: "Unfortunately, our attention has been drawn to the possibility of far-right extremist groups hijacking what we intended to be a peaceful protest of the High Court's decision on Article 50.

"Furthermore, we have received information that several pro-EU groups were planning a counter-protest and our fear is that things could get out of hand. The safety and wellbeing of our supporters is of paramount importance.

"With this in mind and after much consideration, it is with regret that we have had no other option but to cancel the event.

"There are bigger fights ahead of us with the future of Brexit. Those who wish to subvert democracy and refuse to respect the referendum result are busy behind the scenes, building a new campaign to block Brexit.

"We urge all of our supporters to channel their frustration into helping us fight this when the time comes."