Brexit: Pro-EU campaigner likens Liam Fox to 'Millwall football fan from the 70s'

Brexit: 'Liam Fox's playing like a Millwall fan from the 70s', says Pro-EU group chair

Peter Wilding claimed it was 'bad tactics' by the international trade secretary

Friday, September 1, 2017

The chairman of an independent pro-EU pressure group has said Liam Fox is acting like acting like one of Millwall's infamous Millwall football fans in relation to his comments on Thursday.

The international trade secretary accused EU officials of trying to blackmail the UK over Brexit in a speech given over the course of his trip to Japan.

Fox said the Government couldn't be "blackmailed" into paying the bill in the first part of negotiations, shortly after chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier said both sides were "quite far" from making progress

Peter Wilding, the chair of cross-party group British Influence, said this was "bad negotiation."

He told Julia Hartley-Brewer:  "Liam Fox is playing a kind of Millwall fan from the 70s. You know, ‘everybody hates us, we don’t care’.

"The fact of it is he said a year ago this deal would be easy. A couple of meetings, it’d be over in an afternoon, they need us more than we need them.

"Now he’s saying this deal is impossible, we’re right to leave. The problem is it’s just bad negotiation.

"What’s happening now is bad tactics."

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