Brexit: 'shoppers are ignoring Project Fear and the high street remains buoyant'

Brexit: expert warns of economic complacency despite sales increase

Retail sales rose by 1.4% this month

Friday, August 19, 2016

Money expert Annie Shaw has warned it's too early to decide the economic impacts of Brexit, despite an incease in retail figures. 

Contrary to the so-called 'Project Fear', figures suggest shoppers are untroubled by any potential negative consequences, with retail sales figures having actually increased since the vote. 

Shopping figures rose by 1.4% in what experts are calling a strong rebound after a dramatic economic downturn following the results of the vote on the EU referendum. 

It is the latest suggestion Britain’s decision to leave the EU has had limited impacts on the UK economy, but Shaw has her doubts despite the evidence.

"We have been told Brexit was all going to be doom and gloom," she told Penny Smith. "But everything seems to be going right at the moment.

"With retail sales are up by 1.4%, following a drop in June, it's stronger than what was forecast and is good news for our high streets. We've got a very strong job market with a rise of employment. 

"But it is early yet - we can't read too much into these figures."