Brexit: 'There must be an alternative to granting Government Henry VIII powers'

EU withdrawal bill: 'There must be an alternative' to granting Government 'Henry VIII powers' says professor

The Government is pushing for powers to amend any law without scrutiny

Thursday, September 7, 2017

A leading professor has said there must be another option than granting the Government so much power in the EU withdrawal bill.

Ministers have been debating on the bill with the aim to absolve EU law into UK law, formerly known as the Great Repeal Bill, in the House of Commons on Thursday.

Labour have already said it will move against the motion, saying the bill amounts to a power grab because of the "Henry VIII Powers" aspect to it. 

These powers would allow the Government power to amend legislation and ensure it takes effect without scrutiny.

Steve Peers, a Professor of EU law at Essex University, said there had to be an alternative to granting so much power to the Government.

He told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "I don’t think it’s a pure question of division between those who voted to Remain and Leave, there are some Leaver backbenchers who will have concerns as well.

"Normally, if you have these powers, they’re very rare when they exist and they're limited to clauses in one act of Parliament.

"This is anything at all which could be amended under part of this act.

“There’s no alternative to the basic idea of this bill, but there is an alternative to giving so much power to the Government."

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