Brexit: 'There's no need to kick out EU migrants - the country works fine' says chef Aldo Zilli

'Brexit could be a problem for those who want to move to the UK', says chef Aldo Zilli

BritishFuture has recommended that EU nationals should be allowed to stay in the UK

Monday, December 12, 2016

Renowned Italian chef Aldo Zilli believes there's no need to kick EU migrants out of the UK, saying "I don't think we've done anything terrible to the British people."

Zilli, who has lived in the UK for several decades and runs one of the country's most successful restaurant chains, was speaking to Sam Delaney after thinktank British Future recommended that EU nationals who were living in Britain before the Brexit vote be allowed to stay permanently.

Zilli said: "Having been here for 45 years I don’t think they’re going to try and throw me out right now.

“New people I think, that want to come into the country after the Brexit, is going to be a bit of an issue. [My restaurants] only recruit Italians so that’s gong to be a bit of an issue.

“This country runs the way it is and why would we change it at this stage?"

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