Brexit: Theresa May €20bn offer 'probably won't be enough for the EU', says professor

Brexit: Theresa May €20bn offer 'not quite the sweet spot for the EU', says professor

The Prime Minister is to give a key speech to break the negotiation impasse in Florence

Friday, September 22, 2017

A leading professor of EU law has said the Prime Minister's reported offer to the European Union won't be convincing enough to further negotiations. 

The Prime Minister is to give a key address in Florence on Friday to attempt to break the deadlock in Brexit negotiations. 

In the speech, she is reportedly going to offer the EU a sum of €20 billion (£17.5m) as part of a transitional period after the UK officially leaves in March 2019.

Steve Peers, who works at Essex University, said the compromise appeared to largely targeted towards a home audience over the European Union.

He told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "It does seem to be largely for a home audience, particularly within the Conservative Party and within the parts of the media which support Brexit, like the Mail or The Sun or The Express.

"It seems to be aimed mainly at them as a compromise between their views, but of course, the real negotiation is with the EU.

"There’s a degree of compromise but probably not enough for the EU to be thrilled to carry on with the next stage of talks.

"It’s the direction of a compromise, but it’s not quite the sweet spot for the EU."

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