Brexit: Tony Blair urges Remain voters to launch 'insurgency' against EU departure

Brexit: Tony Blair to Remain voters: "We're the insurgents now"

Tony Blair

Friday, October 28, 2016

Tony Blair has told Remain voters "we're the insurgents now" in a call to persuade Brexit supporters that the country is better off staying in the European Union.

The former prime minister called for the will of the people to be respected, but also insisted Remain voters "have to believe in the people's innate sense, that they're also open to a better argument in the light of the facts as they come to light".

Blair called for Remain voters to "prise apart the alliance which gave us Brexit", insisting that as the "catastrophic" realities of leaving take hold, staying in must remain an option.

Writing in the New European newspaper, Blair said: "The issue is not whether we ignore the will of the people, but whether, as information becomes available, and facts take the place of claims, the 'will' of the people shifts.

"Maybe it won't, in which case people like me will have to accept it.

"But surely we are entitled to try to persuade, to make the argument, and not to be whipped into line to support a decision we genuinely believe is a catastrophe for the country we love."