Brexit trade deal cannot be done by end of March, says political editor Ian Dunt

Supreme court case: 'The Brexit trade deal cannot be done in time', says political editor Ian Dunt

The Supreme Court

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Political editor Ian Dunt has poured scorn on the Government's plan to trigger Article 50 and start the Brexit process within the next four months.

Today the dispute over whether Parliament needs to be consulted about triggering Article 50 is continuing in the Supreme Court. However the Goverment has made a significant concession by agreeing to publish its plan for Brexit before triggering Article 50 - while asking MPs to back Theresa May's plan to trigger Article 50 by the end of March.

Dunt, editor of, told Sam Delaney: “This really comes down to exactly how much detail’s going to be there [in the plan]. No-one’s expecting them to go in specifying their tariff rates."

However he added that the four-month timescale is simply infeasible, pointing out that "there are no trade experts who believe the deal can be done in that time."

On the other hand Bernard Jenkin, Conservative MP for Harwich and North Essex  and a prominent menber of the Leave campaign this summer, said the Labour party are "just playing games" with their demand for disclosure of the Brexit plan.

Jenkin believes this is all a "re-run of the referendum campaign," and "this isn’t actually as complicated as many people are pretending it should be."

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