Brexit: 'The UK will become a boiled frog and Jeremy Corbyn will rise to power', says thinktank director

Brexit: 'The UK will become a boiled frog and Jeremy Corbyn will rise to power', says think tank

Phillip Blond thinks Jeremy Corbyn could become the Prime Minister

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Brexit will make the UK like a "boiled frog" as it will be like austerity all over again and Jeremy Corbyn will be propelled into Downing Street, according to a thinktank director.

David Davis was to give a speech on Brexit today (February 20) where he will say the UK is not in a "race to the bottom" on workers' rights and the country won't become a "Mad Max-style" world "borrowed from dystopian fiction" after Brexit.

Phillip Blond, the director of social and economic think tank ResPublica, told Mike Graham and Katie Perrior: "I don’t know anybody who thinks in the short term, even Brexiteers, intelligent Brexiteers, who thinks that the economy will grow in the first five years as a result of Brexit.

"A fall in trade or GDP as a result of Brexit over five years, which is minimum, will be like austerity all over again and the British people have had far too much of that.

"We’ll be like a boiled frog. Gradually things will get tighter and tighter and tighter and that will propel, I suspect, Corbyn into Downing Street."

But Mike responded "have you got a crystal ball Phillip? Come on, you don’t know." He added: "All you're doing is trotting out the same old predictions and the same old doom and gloom where we’re all going to hell in a handcart I'm not having it."

But Blond also thinks "the people who voted for Brexit, voted for it rightly, because they felt they were being undermined."

However "we have not done anything for them yet and we are not likely to do anything for them yet."

Katie agreed by saying "politically, from a Government level, we’ve done nothing for those people since they stuck two fingers up to us" by voting to leave.

"It was their moment to say 'no-one is paying attention to me'" but "I can’t see anything that we’ve done for them that makes their lives any better."

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