Brexit voter Malcolm Baker confronts Tim Farron on campaign trail: 'You think all Leave voters are racist'

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron had a rather awkward confrontation with a Brexit supporter while out campaigning this morning.

Pensioner Malcolm Baker accused Farron of thinking Leave voters are racist, and suggested he was always "running Britain down."

Baker said he'd always voted Labour, but would be switching to Theresa May and the Conservatives this year due to their stance on Brexit. He also gave a salute and said Britain was "a fantastic company [sic]" during the exchange.

Farron managed to stay calm throughout the incident, which saw Baker come up close to him and wag his finger in the politician's face, and said he had plenty of friends who voted Leave - and didn't think they were racist.

Farron's party has received a surge in support ahead of June's election, having positioned himself as the man to stop a hard Brexit and keep Britain in the single market.

Watch the confrontation below: