Brexit: 'We'll get a back-of-a-fag-packet-type deal', says political editor

Brexit: 'We'll get a back of a cigarette packet type deal', says political editor

Adam Bienkov believes we won't get a comprehensive trade deal

Thursday, March 30, 2017

We won't get a comprehensive trade deal with the EU because there isn't enough time and we will have to pay the EU to leave, says a prominent political journalist.

Theresa May has now sent the Article 50 letter to Donald Tusk, meaning negotiations can now begin between the UK and the EU. 

Political editor at Business Insider Adam Bienkov told Sam Delaney we probably won't get a "full deal" but instead a "sort of a back-of-a-[cigarette]-packet-type deal."

Protracted transitional talks, he added, could extend for "up to five years."

The initial talks, Bienkov said, will only cover the actually exit deal, so any negotiations on the actual trade deal could be pushed back even further. This means the chances of getting the "comprehensive trade deal" that Downing Street wants "is kind of slim to none at this point."

Bienkov also spoke about whether the UK will have to pay the EU for leaving. He believes "there’s going to be a huge amount of disagreement over what that total is," and we will have to pay something because it's too hard to have that debate whilst also arranging a trade deal.

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