Brexit: 'We're in this stalemate because Government hasn't listened to the EU', says Stephen Kinnock MP

Brexit: 'We're in this stalemate because Government hasn't listened to EU on sorting key issues', says Stephen Kinnock MP

The MP for Aberavon spoke to Julia about the current state of Brexit negotiations

Friday, October 13, 2017

Labou MP Stephen Kinnock has said the British Government has either been "unable or unwilling" to listen to the EU in regard to progressing Brexit negotiations. 

The talks have been deadlocked as the EU plays hardball over the issues of citizens' rights, a financial settlement and the Northern Irish border.

While British ministers are keen to advance to talks about a trading relationship, Michel Barnier and his team won't move onto this topic until the three existing issues have been summarily resolved. 

Kinnock, the Labour MP for Aberavon and son of former Labour leader Neil Kinnock, said this was because the UK team lacked a "clear methodology."

He told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "All we’ve had is the constant flow of ideas and speeches and position papers from the UK Government but without any real clarity and detail about what this looks like in practice.

"The EU are saying – it’s fair for them to say to get the divorce deal sorted. That means we need a clear methodology on settling the financial liabilities, a clear methodology on the Irish border. 

"Once we get that sorted, they’ve always been ready to talk about the future trading arrangements.

"For some reason, the British Government has not really been able or willing to listen to this. That’s why we’ve ended up in this deadlock."

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