Brexiteer David Davies says Remainers are jeopardising Britain's deal chances

Brexit: 'We deliberately didn’t do anything for 12 months after EU referendum', says Tory MP

David Davies had a heated debate with Adam Bienkov

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Pro-Brexit MP David Davies has suggested it's the Remainers who pose the greatest threat to Britain's chances of getting a good deal with the EU.

Theresa May has been widely criticised for her handling of the Brexit negotiations, and the hard-line Brexiteers have also been attacked for their bullish stance.

But Davies - not to be confused with Brexit secretary David Davis - said that in fact he and his fellow Leavers were "pragmatic" and "willing to listen" to Remainers' concerns.

However he added: "What's very interesting and quite ironic is that those people who wanted to stay in the European Union are now criticising everything the Government does. They're in danger of scuppering the trade deal themselves."

Debating alongside political commentator Adam Bienkov, Davis added that Britain deliberately stalled its negotiations for the first 12 months to allow the EU to get used to the new political reality.

He added: "You talk about 18 months in [to Brexit organisation] well for the first 12 months we deliberately didn’t do anything.

"We didn’t want to rush in... the reality is European Union had to get over their surprise and anger at the fact that we decided we no longer want to be a part of the European Union."

But Adam Bienkov, the UK political editor at Business Insider, said "it’s pretty remarkable to hear David say the policy has been to deliberately do nothing" and "if that is the policy it’s quite remarkable though it does seem quite likely that that is the case."

He added: "We found out this week that the Cabinet has not even had a discussion yet on what the end state of Brexit will be." But Davies argued against this, saying "there have been endless discussions about what it will look like."

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