Brexiteers compared to jihadis as Article 50 bill nears final Commons vote

Brexit: Article 50 bill to enter the final stages in the House of Common

The Brexit bill is to undergo a key vote this evening

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Brexit bill is to undergo its final vote in the House of Commons tonight (Wednesday) as tensions heat up on all sides, with one MP even comparing Brexiteers to jihadis.

The third and final Commons vote follows two days of heavy debate, which has seen many Tory MPs question the Government's planned negotiation strategy. 

But the vote is expected to be another sore point for Jeremy Corbyn, who is facing a revolt within his party. 

At the bill's second reading 47 Labour MPs defied the three-line whip to vote against it, and there's a further rebellion expected this evening. 

MPs are expected to debate the bill, which will allow Theresa May to trigger Article 50 if enacted, for several hours, with the final vote held at around 8pm.

Last night (Tuesday), the Government defeated attempts to give MPs more say over Brexit's final terms, with seven conservative MPs defying the party whip.

One of them, Claire Perry, caused minor controversy by invoking the spectre of Islamic militancy.

She told MPs: "I have to say the tone of this debate sometimes borders on the hysterical.

"I feel like sometimes I am sitting along with colleagues who are like jihadis in their support for a hard Brexit."