Brexiteers Daniel Hannan and Peter Whittle divided over Article 50 delay

Brexiteers Daniel Hannan and Peter Whittle are divided over the delay to Article 50

Article 50 may not be triggered until late next year

Monday, August 15, 2016

Brexit campaigners appear split over the delay in invoking Article 50 – judging by two starkly contrasting interviews given to Julia Hartley-Brewer.

Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan said he believes the delay could ensure Britain gets a better deal when it eventually triggers the exit process.

However UKIP London Assembly member Peter Whittle condemned the “outrageous” delay and said people should get what they voted for: separation as soon as possible.

Ministers have warned Article 50, which initiates the process of secession, is unlikely to be triggered until late 2017 at the earliest, meaning Britain could remain within the EU until 2019.

Mr. Hannan told Julia that, "after 43 years in the EU, frankly whether we leave in 2018 or 2019, matters far less than getting the terms right.

"There is an argument for looking at the optimum moment to press this button; there are elections in France and Germany next year, there are referendums [on] European-related subjects in Italy and Hungary, there will be a clearer landscape when some of those electoral contests have played out."

However Mr. Whittle was adamant that “we've got to get on and do it. It's up to my party to hold their feet to the fire to make sure we get what people voted for.

“This is simply outrageous, people have to know their democratic vote counts, and what they wanted and voted for is what they're going to get. The further things go on, the concern will mount. We've got to strike while the iron is hot."

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