Bring back borstals to discipline society's 'feral young'

Youth violence

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Borstals should be brought back into operation to discipline society's "feral young", according to security expert Dai Davies.

The former head of Royal Protection said the country needed to "get tougher" on youngsters who were "causing mayhem".

"What is wrong in this country is the juvenile structure, how we deal with these thugs," he told talkRADIO's Mike Graham. "We need to give some discipline and structure to some of these feral young in our society."

"If you're under 18, there's little chance you'll go inside for any kind of length of time, be it knife [crime], be it stealing, whatever. And that's what the problem is."

Mr Davies, who also held the role of Chief Superintendent in the Metropolitan Police, appeared on the Mike Graham show to discuss the case of a police driver who is facing the sack for purposefully crashing into a 17-year-old suspected moped thief.

"You are always conscious of the fact that if the little darlings hurt themselves and you cause it, you're in trouble," he said.

"The statistics on attacks on police is so alarming these days and what are we fannying around about? Bloody Brexit all day long.

"We have to look at those who are responsible for sentencing. We need to change the law and bring back detention centres, borstals."

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