Britain First: Far right group hire out hotel venue for conference under different name, leaving owner 'deeply offended'

Hotel owner left "deeply offended" after Britain First falsely hire out venue

Hotel owner left "deeply offended" after Britain First falsely hire out venue

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Wyboston Lakes resort, located in Bedfordshire, has claimed that political group Britain First hired out a £2,250 room on Saturday under a different name.

Britain First held a conference in the hotel, using a different name. It was allegedly only discovered to have hired the room after they posted pictures online of the event.

The photographs were posted by the controversial organisation’s leader Paul Golding. The pictures show a group of people in a conference room with banners saying “Taking our country back!”

The location of the conference was not made available to the public and it was only after people recognised the venue and began to criticise the hotel that a response was given.

A resort spokesperson said that the meeting was booked at short notice, registered under the name 'Patriot Merchandise'. The hotel did not suspect that the named organisation had any connection to Britain First.

No hotel staff entered the room during the meeting and the banners showed in the pictures posted by the group’s leader were only erected within the closed off meeting room, the spokesperson added.

The Wyboston Lakes resort released a statement on Sunday evening, in which a spokesperson said: “For the sake of clarity, had we known the nature of the even being held by Britian First, we would not have taken the booking, as the values of our organisation conflicts with theirs in totality.”

The money earned from the event will now be donated to charity.