Britain First leader Jayda Fransen reverses her name to beat Twitter ban

Fransen appears to have found a way to get round her Twitter ban

Fransen appears to have found a way to get round her Twitter ban

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

It's a cunning plan, but we suspect it won't work for long.

Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen has come up with a new Twitter account following yesterday's ban... a simple inversion of her name.

Fransen's account, @jaydabf, was suspended yesterday, so now she's opened a new account with the handle @fransenjayda. At the time of writing the account has published 16 tweets, has earned 39 followers and gained just a single like.

It's a far cry from the attention Fransen earned recently, when US President Donald Trump re-tweeted three videos she shared online. The videos made international headlines but also brought a torrent of criticism down on Fransen and her group.

Fransen's account was blocked yesterday, along with that of Britain First leader Paul Golding, as Twitter begins enforcing new rules designed to curb hate speech. It's unclear whether Twitter monitors have seen the new account, but they're almost certain to delete it.

Fransen and Golding appeared in a Belfast court last week, charged with religious harassment, before being released on bail. They are also facing similar charges in Kent, having allegedly used a rape trial in Canterbury as a platform to distribute leaflets and campaign for their group.

Golding, incidentally, has yet to relaunch his own Twitter account.