Britain First leader Paul Golding headbutted martial arts instructor in nightclub

Britain First leader headbutted martial arts instructor in nightclub

Paul Golding headbutted Dean Williams

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The leader of far-right group Britain First headbutted a martial arts instructor - despite them being friends.

Paul Golding admitted the assault today (October 17) and will be sentenced in November. The incident took place in July at a nightclub in Maidstone, according to Kent Live.

The court heard Britain First's Paul Golding and martial arts instructor Dean Williams had first gone out for a meal along with other people.

Williams claimed that later the Britain First leader "became very aggressive, drew his head back slightly and headbutted me in the face."

He claimed Golding's attack chipped his teeth and caused swelling and bruising to his nose. It also allegedly gave him whiplash.

But Golding's lawyer suggests that CCTV showed the attack was provoked, he said: "At the bar where they both were, Mr Golding put his arm round the victim's shoulder in a friendly, amicable way.

"The victim took exception to that and threw his arm off his shoulder and Mr Golding walked away not just once, but twice."

Britain First's deputy leader Jayda Fransen also appeared in court today (October 17) with Golding and both denied separate charges of religiously aggravated harassment.

A three-day trial on the matter is scheduled for next month.