Britain First supporters flood Facebook with bizarre comments after Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen banned from Twitter

Britain First: Forget Twitter, supporters post unusual comments on Facebook

Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen have been suspended by Twitter

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Britain First supporters have, perhaps predictably, reacted rather badly to news that leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen have been banned from Twitter.

The pair were suspended from the social media site yesterday, and although Fransen has found a way to get around the ban, we imagine she will be kicked again before too long.

The group are calling on supporters to sign a petition to bring back their Twitter accounts as it claims "Islamic hate accounts or communists are left alone, but anyone speaking out against mass immigration and terrorism is closed down."

The petition has so far gained more than 5,000 signatures, which suggests we might have to wait a while before MPs are forced to have a debate on the issue.

Many supporters have also expressed their views in Facebook comments in response to the post - and, frankly, some of their rants are a bit bizarre.

A number of people said the suspension is a defeat for free speech (a common refrain from Britain First supporters), while others suggest that Donald Trump, who retweeted Fransen just a couple of weeks ago, would never have stood for this kind of thing. There's even talk of the illuminati.

If you want to see some of the things the supporters are writing, take a look below.

Islamic State

One user said: "Once Islam is fully established in the UK or elsewhere, Twitter and Facebook will be immediately shut down or turned into an Islamic Site [sic]!"

Whilst another claimed the ban is "all part of the plan, the queen has sold out her country long time ago it's the break down of Europe as we no it [sic]."


According to one of the group's followers, this is all about Big Brother and the deep state.

The poster: "We are getting brainwashed by do Gooders all those soldiers that have fought for our country would turn in there graves."

Donald Trump to lead the UK

Considering the outrage of many people when Theresa May invited Trump to visit the UK, it's fair to say many aren't too keen on his Presidency. But one Britain First supporter clearly sees it very differently.

Commenting on a news story about the Twitter ban posted by Britain First, he said: "We need someone like Trump to be in charge of this country he's the type of person who truly don't care and will get the job done."

UK becomes dictatorship

The Facebook page also posted a video of Sky News reporting on the Twitter suspension with the caption "free speech is dead."

Despite Twitter only being a social media website, one Facebook user appears to think it stands for a lot more. He claimed: "This is a sad day in the UK. We now clearly live in a dictatorship. Freedom and free speech is dead."

Illuminati is real

Ok we're not quite sure where to begin with this one.

Commenting on an article about the ban, one user said it shows "the illuminate are real they worship satan and they run the eu [sic].

"They will make it illigal to say say jesus is the son of God [sic] and most people wont even notice until its to late [sic].

"This is a fact [sic]."