Britain ‘at the front of the queue’ for US trade deal

Monday, July 29, 2019

Dominic Raab has hailed “the optimism of the opportunities that lie ahead for this country” and said Britain should grasp the opportunity of a US free-trade deal after Brexit.

The newly appointed Foreign Secretary said Donald Trump suggested the UK would be "right at the front of the queue" of such a deal.

“We have got a US President talking about this country with warmth and enthusiasm that we haven’t seen for quite some time," he told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer.

“Whatever the controversy in the politics that people may feel about the President, I think it’s fantastic that he is talking this warmly and enthusiastically about the UK, and that’s one of the opportunities that we should grasp."

The former Brexit Secretary added he would be travelling to the US, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific to look at trade opportunities.

“Let’s have the EU situation placed in some sort of context because Europe is going to continue to be important to the United Kingdom on trade and on security but Brussels isn’t the only game in town and we will be, as well as managing the risks of Brexit, looking to grasp the opportunities of a global Britain,”  he said.

After his Tory leadership win, President Trump congratulated Prime Minister Boris Johnson and described him as a “good man, tough and smart" who is "going to do a good job".

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