'Britain has despicable endemic racism running through its veins', says Imam

'UK has despicable cultural endemic of racism running through its veins', says Imam

Disparities between races have been unveiled (Stock image)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

We have a "despicable" cultural endemic of racism running through the veins of our country which brings untold pain to people, according to an Imam.

A new Government website has been unveiled today (October 10) showing disparities between races in relation to issues such as education, health and employment.

London-based Imam Ajmal Masroor told Sam Delaney: "We have an endemic, [a] culturally very acceptable level of racism still running through the veins of our country and its institutions and that is despicable.

"Subtle racism in the UK is just too painful to experience on a daily basis. Those who haven’t [experienced racism] need to really realise that racism is so disgusting and so debilitating. Unless and until you experience it you will not be able to understand what people are going through."

Masroor also believes there is a reason why white British people often perform less well than other ethnicities at school. The reason, he says, is that "young people who perhaps have come to this country with no education to further their own economic potential, who invest everything their blood and sweat, they’ll work extra hard to make sure their children do better."

He said that, when he himself was at school, "my English GCSE teacher said to me 'only white english people pass English GCSE exams, you would not pass.'" He said he was "one of those who would fight back [as he got As] but not every child would do that" because, for some "confidence would be crushed."

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