For Britain: The new political party launched by Ukip 'islamophobe' Anne-Marie Waters

For Britain - the new political party launched by Ukip leadership hopeful Anne-Marie Waters

The former candidate for Ukip leadership is setting up a far-right party (Credit: Twitter @ForBritainParty)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

On the heels of her election defeat, Anne Marie Waters has moved to create a new far right party to join the British political landscape.

Waters – who lost the Ukip leadership to Henry Bolton – has called her new party For Britain, a line taken from the slogan of her campaign. The party already has its own Twitter page, and has garnered over 9,000 followers, with more than 5,000 in a matter of hours once it launched.

The Times reports the party was established in order to take advantage of the “electoral demise” of the British National Party, which previously dominated the far-right agenda.

As you might expect, given the uncompromising opinion its founder has on Islam, the party is promising to push to reduce Muslim immigration into the UK to nearly zero. Social media posts say British citizens must unite under one banner to represent the interests of ordinary people.

Among those interests is – of course – Brexit. The party is as far in the Leave camp as you could possibly get, vowing on Twitter to work with other European leaders to “bring the entire EU project down.”

Twitter posts state the party intends to compete with Ukip and Labour for working-class votes, and they promise all donations will come from party members, as opposed to “one big donor.” The logo is comprised of a trident, which the party claims is a representation of “Britain’s great strength.”

A website for the party was scheduled to launch on Friday, but an announcement was made on Twitter to say it had been delayed because of “technical mumbo jumbo.”

Ukip - reported to be “sanguine” at the news - have made it clear any supporters of Anne-Marie Waters who shared her views were not welcome in the party as it attempts to distance itself from her perceived islamophopbia.

It’s early days yet, but there exists the clear possibility of a schism developing within Ukip if For Britain gains enough of a foothold.