Britain should have a Brexit-style referendum on the NHS, says Julia Hartley-Brewer

Julia Hartley-Brewer says you can’t take the politics out of NHS funding

Norman Lamb said NHS staff must be paid a decent rate

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Julia Hartley-Brewer believes Britain should have another referendum - this time to sort out our attitude to NHS funding once and for all.

Our mid-morning host told her talkRADIO audience that a vote, similar to last year's referendum on the EU, would allow Britain to finally decide whether it wants to hike taxes and rebuild the NHS, or not. 

Julia made the comments while talking to Lib Dem health spokesperson Norman Lamb, who demanded an independent review of the NHS to help the Government make a better decision on funding.

They spoke after Labour promised a pay rise for NHS nurses and no tuition fees for medical students if elected.

Lamb thinks Labour's proposal is simply not credible, as it has said it would fund the policy with money from corporation tax, which has already been promised to other areas.

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