Britain should share Gibraltar with Spain, says former minister

Former cabinet minister calls for Britain to share Gibraltar's sovereignty with Spain

Peter Hain originally tried to negotiate a co-sovereignty agreement in 2002

Thursday, April 6, 2017

A former Labour Cabinet minister has called for the Government to look into the idea of 'co-sovereignty' to solve the escalating diplomatic crisis over Gibraltar. 

A row over the rock kicked off on Monday after a leaked EU document said any decisions involving Gibraltar would need Spain's approval.

This prompted a furious response from the Gibraltar government and a vow by Prime Minister Theresa May to secure the territory's interests. 

Lord Peter Hain, who served as a minister under both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, originally tried to negotiate a co-sovereignty agreement between Britain and Spain when he was in office in 2002. 

In an opinion piece for The Guardian, he has rekindled his call for shared ownership, calling the prospect a "win-win" agreement for all parties involved. 

He argued that all aspects of life in Gibraltar would be unchanged, but its residents would enjoy the benefits which came from an independent UK and from Spain as an EU member-state.