Britain would vote against Brexit in another referendum, new figures suggest

Several countries in Europe, including the UK, would vote remain in an EU Referendum

Several countries in Europe would vote remain in an EU Referendum

Thursday, December 29, 2016

The UK would vote to remain in the European Union and reverse Brexit if another referendum was held now, according to a survey.

The End of Year survey conducted by polling group WIN/GIA asked 14,000 people across 13 countries for their opinion. A majority of respondents in all 13 countries said they would vote to remain.

A total of 54% of British respondents would vote remain. Although this figure is significantly lower than the 64% average across all 13 countries surveyed, it would ensure the result of June's referendum was comfortably reversed.

Spain and Ireland proved hugely supportive of the EU, with four in five respondents from both countries saying they would vote to remain. Germany and Denmark also proved strongly europhile, with 75% of people in the two countries claiming they would choose to stay in the EU if they were offered a referendum on the issue.

According to the survey's authors, the figures show that anti-EU sentiment has actually dropped in most countries, despite the controversy surrounding the influx of migrants from Middle East and Africa and a wave of recent terrorist attacks in France, Belgium and Germany.

See full results of how many people would vote remain below

Ireland: 80%

Spain: 80%

Denmark: 75%

Germany: 75%

Belgium: 74%

Bulgaria: 74%

Sweden: 71%

France: 68%

Austria: 67%

Finland: 60%

Italy: 60%

Greece: 54%

UK: 54%