British Airways face £183m fine over data breach

British Airways is facing a record fine

Monday, July 8, 2019

British Airways is facing a record £183.4 million fine over a data breach, which saw customers diverted to a fake website that harvested their name, login, and payment details.

The airline said it plans to appeal against the decision made by the Information Commissioner's Office, with the figure representing 1.5 per cent of its annual turnover.

The ICO said British Airways’ had “poor security arrangements” that failed to protect its customers’ data.

But the airline’s boss, Alex Cruz, said the company “responded quickly” to the scam.

“We have found no evidence of fraud/fraudulent activity on accounts linked to the theft,” he said.

“We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience this event caused.”

A spokesman for the ICO said the proposed £183.4 million fine would be the largest it has ever handed out.

Passengers who had their data stolen in the widescale hack said they deserved some of the money the airline has been ordered to pay.

Now, affected customers are calling for a slice of the penalty imposed by the ICO.

On Twitter, author Apurv Nagpal said he “suffered” due to the data breach.

“Serves British Airways right. Hope some of this fine gets distributed amongst the passengers, like me, who suffered, as British Airways didn't compensate at all,” he wrote.

Broadcaster Tony Shepherd also said the fine should be “shared out” among those affected.

He tweeted: “Surely the £183m fine British Airways is facing over a customer data breach should be shared out between the 500,000 customers affected?”.

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