British and German diplomats join forces in war against drunken tourists

Violence has become a routine feature of summer life in Palma and Magaluf

Violence has become a routine feature of summer life in Palma and Magaluf

Thursday, July 20, 2017

British and German diplomats have agreed to come together and tackle the excesses of their young compatriots in Mallorca.

Representatives from the consulates of the two countries struck the agreement on Wednesday, in conjunction with the city council of Mallorcan capital Palma.

The meeting was attended by the British vice-consul, Lucy Gorman, her German counterpart Sabina Karola and the local mayor Antoni Noguera.

According to local news site 20 Minutos, the diplomats agreed to work together to "eradicate" the problem of drunken behaviour. Reports suggest that the meeting focused purely on tourists visiting Palma, rather than the neighbouring resort of Magaluf, which has been the subject of its own stringent measures in recent weeks.

Indeed, while the diplomats were meeting to discuss Palma, a series of strip clubs were being shut down in Magaluf as the authorities continued their campaign to curb the debauched behaviour routinely witnessed in the area.

So-called 'drunk tourism' has become a major source of controversy in Mallorca over recent years, much of it centring on British tourists who typically congregate in Magaluf.

However the behaviour of young German holidaymakers, many of whom go to Palma rather than Magaluf, has come under increasing scrutiny. Earlier this month Noguera gave an interview criticising the behaviour of German tourists, who he said are tarnishing his city.

Noguera said this problem has given rise to "German phobia" in Palma, adding: "They can really stay at home when it comes to me. I can well imagine that it is a disgrace for many Germans, how some of their countrymen behave in Majorca."