British Army facing scrutiny over recruiting soldiers who liked nazi page on social media

British Army to be questioned over recruiting soldiers who liked nazism on social media

It comes after it emerged a Scottish recruit expressed racist views online

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The army faces potential questioning over its vetting procedures after it emerged that several troops who expressed racist views online were accepted into the force. 

The scrutiny comes after it emerged a Scottish recruit was cleared to join a regiment in Edinburgh last year, despite having a social media presence indicating a following of Neo-Nazist and White Supremacist ideology. 

The Facebook page belonging to the man - who has a wife and young child - had a cover photo with the phrase "Hail Odin" - a slogan adopted by several far-right individuals.

One of the individuals following "Odinism" was Anders Behring Breivik, who professed his support in a manifesto before murdering 77 people in a gun and bomb attack in Norway.

The profile had liked other pages relating to nazism, white supremacy, the idea of an 'Aryan' race, and others relating to denial of the Holocaust. 

A number of faith groups have called for the Ministry of Defence to review how they analyse social media material pertaining to potential recruits. 

A spokesman for the army told The Independent that extremist views were at odds with the ideology of the armed forces.