British citizens are 'thin-skinned' if they are outraged by Tusk's comments, says Lord Peter Hain

Lord Peter Hain

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Lord Peter Hain has accused those outraged by Donald Tusk's "special place in hell" comments of being "thin-skinned".

Appearing on the breakfast show, the Labour peer said the European Council president had pointed out "the blunt truth" with his remarks.

"You might not like his language, it was certainly eye-catching... he was pointing out the blunt truth which I and others have pointed out since 2016," Lord Hain said.



"Are British citizens so thin-skinned - are you so thin-skinned - that you can't take this as a bit of, as it were, trading dialogue between different heads of government and so on?".

Lord Hain, who has been at the centre of his own media storm after naming Sir Philip Green as the businessman accused of harassment, claimed it was time to stop "trading outrage".

"Actually, instead of trading outrage what we should be doing is dealing with reality," he said.

"Tusk's comments, colourful or not, outrageous or not, are irrelevant - the substance of them was correct."