British fugitive arrested for stealing huge trove of ancient artefacts

The man was found near Sevilla

Roman coins were found in the man's stolen collection

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A British fugitive has been arrested in southern Spain for stealing a huge trove of ancient artefacts.

The suspect, who has been identified by his initials W.T.V, was on the run from the authorities in Italy and faced an extradition order, according to local news site ABC.

Now he has reportedly been tracked down by the Guardia Civil at a hotel in Los Palacios, near Sevilla, during a routine search of local lodgings. 

He was found to be carrying 90 packets of Roman and Arabic coins as well as a ceramic artwork depicting the Virgin Mary, two ceramic pieces coated in blue and white enamel, six clay pots, eight metal rings, six ancient objects of varying size and 25 packets filled with smaller artefacts.

It is not clear how old the majority of objects are, and the authorities have not identified their legal owners.

In its report, the Guardia Civil says W.T.V. has not denied robbing the artefacts and did not put up any resistance when agents went to arrest him. He was already subject to a search-and-detention order for crimes committed against Europe's historical and cultural heritage, lodged by Italy's central court.

The suspect and the objects he was carrying have been sent to Spain's high court.