British man fighting against Isis alongside Kurdish Militia dies while clearing landmines in Raqqa

British man fighting against Islamic State in Syria dies while clearing landmines in Raqqa

Jac Holmes had been fighting with Kurdish militia against the terror group (Credit: Facebook)

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A young man from Britain has died over the course of fighting Islamic State in Syria. 

Jac Holmes had joined the Kurdish militia fighting against the terror group in 2015. 

He is believed to have died while clearing an area of landmines in Raqqa to make it safe for civilians, according to Kurdish representatives in the UK.  

The British man, originally from Bournemouth, was praised by his mother Angie in an interview with the BBC. 

She said the 24-year-old had "the courage of his convictions", and he'd wanted to be part of a "moment in history" by working to ensure the end of the terror caliphate. 

The former IT worker had no prior experience of fighting before joining the fight, but a friend of his, Ozkan Ozdil, told the BBC he had become respected among the Kurdish fighting units.

He had been part of a four-man sniper unit made up of international fighters, the three other members originating from Spain, Germany, and the United States.