British Muslim's sense of 'victimhood' must be addressed, says Policy Exchange author

Muslim survey reflects 'combination of British and Muslim norms', says Policy Exchange's David Goodhart

Friday, December 2, 2016

The author of a new report on British Muslims says the survey is far more optimistic than previous analyses - but there are some key issues which must be looked at.

Policy Exchange researcher David Goodhart said that, while Muslims differ little from the rest of the British community in the vast majority of their concerns, "when you get to certain neuralgic issues like 9/11, the conspiracy theories, it sort of falls off a cliff."

The Policy Exchange report suggests that the vast majority of British Muslims believe Islamist terrorists were not responsible for 9/11, and around 7% believe it was a Jewish conspiracy. The report also suggests many Muslims would not report a terrorist in their community.

Speaking to Julia Hartley-Brewer, Goodhart said that Muslims' sense of "victimhood" was a major issue which needed to be discussed.

However he told Julia: "If you look at the way British Muslims live, they dont manifest support for sharia law - only 4% use sharia law, with a high percentage saying they weren't interested. There was also a low interest in Muslim religious schooling."

Listen to the full interview above.