British Remainers show defiance against Brexit on #EuropeDay

'Proudly European' - Twitter users show their support for #EuropeDay

Today is the day to celebrate Europe's peace and prosperity

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Today marks a special anniversary for the European Union - and Remainers have used the occasion to flood social media with messages of defiance.

May 9 is Europe Day - the day the EU heralds as the period where peace and prosperity in Europe is celebrated annually. 

The day is also seen as a chance to educate people about the European Union and to voice support for European integration. 

Across Twitter, Remainers have been coming together with messages of defiance, and declaring their support for Brussels.

Many Labour supporters have also used the occasion to hit out at their leader Jeremy Corbyn's claim that Brexit is "settled." According to them, it's anything but.

See some of their responses below: