British Trump supporters to hold welcome party for US president

British Trump supporters to hold welcome party for US president

Lucy Brown, left, and Daniel McIlhiney of Trump UK

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Donald Trump supporters are to host a welcome party during his first official visit to the UK.

The event at a sympathetic pub in Hammersmith on 14 July has been organised by Lucy Brown and Daniel McIlhiney.

‘Nazi Ball’

Anti-fascist campaigners say the pair of being “known Nazis and fascists” organising a “Nazi Ball”, accusations Daniel finds bizarre considering he has Jewish heritage.

“I would be one of the only Jewish Nazis in London,” he said. “It’s okay to criticise Trump but to label anyone who supports him a fascist or a Nazi is not debate, it’s absurd.

“I don’t think it should be controversial to welcome the democratically elected President of our greatest ally.

“Donald Trump has stuck to his guns. A member of parliament said he’s the only politician lambasted for actually doing what he said he would do, and that’s unique.

“If this had been Hillary Clinton and she’d won the election we would’ve been happy to welcome her in, when Obama was president we welcomed him, and we’re more than happy to welcome the president of China and the Crown Princes of Saudi Arabia.

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“To welcome our closest ally has become controversial and we want to challenge that.” 

Ms Brown said: “Trump is cool, funny, and he's stuck two fingers up to the establishment. He’s a strong male figure and I think he’s a good leader.” 

High-Profile Guests

The pair say high-profile journalists and a foreign royal family member have been invited to the party and police are expected to attend in case there are counter protests.

Donald Trump will visit the UK between 12-15 July and is expected to meet the Queen at Blenheim Palace and Theresa May at Chequers.

The Trump Welcome Party takes place at the Jameson Arms in Hammersmith and organisers will be tweeting from @TrumpIsWelcomeHere.