British woman and Pakistani man jailed for having consensual sex in Dubai

British woman and Pakistani man jailed for having consensual sex in Dubai

Both have been handed a one year jail sentence

Friday, July 21, 2017

A Pakistani man and a British woman have been jailed in Dubai for having consensual sex outside of marriage.

According to court records, the women first spoke to the man via Facebook three years ago, then in 2016 she travelled to Dubai and stayed with him in a hotel.

The man said he collected her from Dubai International Airport and took her to a flat in the neighbouring emirate of Sharjah. He claims it was there that a religious scholar from Pakistan married them verbally.

However the woman rejected the claims of marriage, according to The Express Tribune.

Earlier this year the woman started to plan for a marriage with another man in the UK, but the Pakistani man found out and threatened to tell her family that they had already wed.

In court the woman gave a statement saying that, when she told the Pakistani man their relationship was over, he refused to accept her point.

She then claimed that he said he would post photos of them online, and even threatened to kill her if she got married, while also calling her fiance's family claiming he had paperwork to prove she was already married.

According to records she then travelled to Dubai again with her father and filed a criminal complaint, leading to police arresting the man.

He then told police that it was in fact the woman who had asked him to stay in the marriage and also claimed that her family was trying to keep her away from him.

During an investigation on the matter, it was found that when the pair had had consensual sex during their initial meeting in Dubai - a crime under local law, given it took place outside marriage.

The couple were sentenced at the Dubai Misdemeanours Court to a year in jail, and after this they are to be deported.

Both had pleaded not guilty and have now appealed against the judgement. They are now expected to provide the court with documents as evidence.