Briton faces jail in Dubai over rude road rage gesture

Brit faces jail in Dubai over rude road rage gesture

Jamil Mukadam was involved in a confrontation on the roads where he stuck his middle finger up (Credit: Twitter @j_amzzz)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

A British man is facing a reported six months behind bars in a Dubai prison over a rude gesture during a row on the roads. 

Jamil Ahmed Mukadam had been on holiday in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with his wife in February. 

When returning to the airport, he had become involved in a road rage row, and had stuck the middle finger up at the opposite driver. 

He thought nothing of it afterwards, but upon his return to the country in September, he was arrested at immigration control and initially held in a prison cell, according to The Sun. 

Mukadam was granted bail, but his passport was confiscated and he told the paper he's now close to running out of money. 

Mukadam told the paper he faces a possible six-month jail term in the UAE.

Dubai has strict laws pertaining to rudeness or insulting behaviour on the roads, with a number of British people having fallen foul of them. 

According to Foreign Office data, Dubai had the second-highest number of Britons arrested of any overseas city between 2015 and summer 2017.