Britons travelling to the EU after Brexit will need to pay €7

Friday, December 14, 2018

Britons travelling to the EU after Brexit will have to pay €7 (approximately £6.30) when visiting inside the bloc, the European Commission has announced.

UK citizens will have to apply for the proposed ETIAS (European Travel Information Authoriziation System) from 2021. The ETIAS will be introduced to citizens from 61 countries who are not inside the Schengen area and they will be required to pre-register for the waiver.

The fee will have to be paid by UK travellers every three years to a pre-registered electronic visa system in order for them to travel within the European Union.

The system will work in similar fashion to an ESTA, which is the waiver used by the current US authorities, but as pointed out by the commission it will be “way cheaper.”



How will the ETIAS work?

During the transition period in the current Withdrawal Agreement, EU and UK citizens will continue to be able to travel freely with their passport or identity cards until the end of that period in 2020.

Once this ends, the European Commission has offered visa-free travel for British travellers coming to the EU for a holiday, medical reasons, business appointments or any other short stay, as long as the UK is willing to the offer the same in return.


While UK nationals will not need a visa, they will be required to complete an ETIAS, which the EU says will take around 10 minutes to fill out.

The form will include passport information, criminal record questions and work experience, as well as the EU country you're intending on visiting. 

Once completed you'll find out if your application is successful in minutes after their electronic system checks your backgrounds. If not accepted instantly it could take up to two weeks to process depending on your background.

It has also been confirmed that anyone under the age of 18 or over the age of 70 will not have to pay the fee.