Brits advised not to let Europe terror threat spoil holiday plans

Travel journalist Shafik Meghji insists that holidaying Brits should keep "a proportional sense of risk" and not be frightened by the current wave of terror attacks in Europe.

Holidaymakers on the beach in Nice, just days after the Bastille Day terror attack in the French city

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Travel journalist Shafik Meghji insists that holidaying Brits should keep "a proportional sense of risk" and not be frightened by the current wave of terror attacks in Europe.   

Police and security forces across the continent remain on high alert after a series of high-profile terror attacks in France and Germany in recent weeks.

But Meghji, who has written more than 30 travel books for the company Rough Guides, told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "It's important to remember that anyone going on holiday in Europe, or the UK, this year is extremely unlikely to get caught in a terrorist attack.

"We need to keep a proportional sense of risk. 

"Despite the terror attacks, and the falling pound, I think France will still stay a big tourist destination.

"However, it obviously depends. We're in very uncertain times, people are a lot more concerned."

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As usual, travellers are advised to consult the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website for the latest advice on threat levels around the world