Brits believe pineapples are traditionally grown in UK, study finds


A woman picks pineapples. Image: Getty

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Quinoa, avocado and pineapples are among the foods Brits mistakenly think are traditionally grown in the UK, a study has found.

A poll of 2,000 adults revealed that a large majority did not know where everyday fruit and vegetables originated from, which ones are seasonal or where they are typically grown.

Other fruit and veg Brits believed were cultivated in the UK included artichokes, butternut squash and melon.

A third of the people polled believed sweet potatoes were commongly grown on UK farms - despite most of them usually being produced in southern India.



Six in 10 participants said they never considered where their food came from, but 65 per cent said they would rather buy British if given the choice.

The study , commissioned by food production company Crosse & Blackwell, found 44 per cent couldn’t say which countries tend to produce parsnips, 56 per cent weren't sure where kale is grown and 58 per cent don’t know where leeks are mostly harvested.

Similarly, four in 10 aren’t sure where apples originate from, 43 per cent don’t know where onions come from and 47 per cent aren’t clear where cucumbers stem from.

The research also found the typical UK adult only eats three of the five recommended portions of fruit and vegetables a day.