Brits emotionally attached to kitchen devices, survey finds

Seven in 10 people are regularly using decade-old appliances.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Nearly seven in 10 people are regularly using household appliances which are at least 10 years old, according to research.

A study into the nation’s kitchens revealed many old devices are still going strong in the country's homes.

A survey of 2,000 adults found 37 per cent have a fridge that’s more than a decade old, and four in 10 are still using an oven after a decade or more.

More than one in 10 have a kettle that’s been collecting limescale for 10 years or more, and the same amount say it’s the kitchen gadget they’d most like to replace.

However, the appliance Brits most want to see swapped for a new model is the oven, followed by their freezer and then the washing machine.

And if they moved house, the appliances most likely to get upgraded would be the old oven, with just one in five saying they’d spring for a new kettle.

Brits appear to get strangely attached to the helpful tech and machinery in the kitchen – with more than a fifth saying they’d feel a genuine sense of loss if something they’d owned for more than 10 years broke down.

Forty-seven per cent of respondents believe there is too much technology found in brand-new appliances, preferring to stick with the tried and tested.

And a fifth report their parents still have appliances they remember from their own childhood, potentially going back generations.

These are most likely to be blenders, microwaves or washing machines.

Almost one in five Brits have something in their kitchen they believe is ‘impossible to break’ which they expect to last forever.

The research was conducted by the online electricals store,, whose spokesperson said: “It seems many Brits live by the old adage ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

“While we seem happy to chop and change certain tech in our lives – mobile phones and tablets spring to mind – in the kitchen we’re much more resistant to change.

“Even small kitchen gadgets like kettles and blenders have a much longer lifespan than many of the other pieces of tech we use daily.”