Brussels delays decision on Brexit extension

It is expected the EU will grant a three-month delay

Friday, October 25, 2019

Brussels has delayed their decision on granting the UK a Brexit extension.

EU ambassadors have reportedly agreed an extension is needed, and a diplomat said the length of the delay will be decided next week.

A decision had originally been expected today.

It is expected that the bloc will agree to delay Brexit until January 31, which is the deadline the Prime Minister was forced to ask for by Parliament under the terms of the so-called Benn Act.

However, Boris Johnson has been clear he does not want the extension to be granted, writing a follow-up letter to the EU arguing against a delay.

Last night, Mr Johnson announced his plans to push for a December 12 election if the EU granted the three-month extension.

However, if the EU grants a shorter postponement, of November 15 or November 30, an election would be off the cards.

MPs will vote on Monday on whether to support the Prime Minister's election plans.

In a bid to get support, Mr Johnson has pledged to give Parliament more time to debate his Brexit Bill if they back the election.

And Chancellor Sajid Javid said the government will push "again and again" for a general election if the opposition denies a pre-Christmas poll.

But Labour - whose votes will be needed if he is to get the two-thirds majority in the Commons which he requires to go to the country - has yet to say what it will do.

Jeremy Corbyn has said he wants to see the terms of any Brexit extension offered by the EU before deciding which way to vote on Monday.

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