Brussels to leave Britain full responsibility for sorting Irish border after Brexit

Brussels to lay responsibility of Irish border with UK after Brexit

A paper outlining the EU position will be released later today

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Brussels is reportedly to leave Britain all responsibility for sorting the Irish border after Brexit.

The documents laying out the European Union’s position in the negotiations are expected to be released later on Thursday, following their leak to news outlets like The Independent and The Guardian.

In them, the EU is expected to say the onus for solving the problems caused by the withdrawal in relation to the border – like leaving the single market and customs union - remains solely with the UK.

It calls for “unique solutions” and dismisses the possibility to have "specific provisions" in the final deal to address the issue of the peace process being undermined by EU law.

However, it does not offer any suggestions as to any potential solution.

The border of Northern Ireland and the Republic is the UK’s only land border with an EU member-state.